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star trek captain shaming.

Actually, the best part of this is that Kirk looks like he doesn’t give two shits.  Like, the rest of them all look slightly ashamed that they broke the ONE FUCKING RULE YOU DON’T BREAK OR ELSE YOU GET KROGANS, and Kirk is like, “Shit yeah, I broke that.  I’ll break all the rules!  Hey, Spock!  Come look at all the rules I broke!  You too, Bones.  Hell, get the whole ship up here!  Even Rand.  Yes, Rand.  That blonde chick in the red outfit.  Yes, she’s real.”

Though I will say that Sisko shouldn’t look too ashamed, because the whole reason he works as a character is highlighted in that one monologue he gives about doing what had to be done, which in turn puts a giant middle finger to Roddenberry’s original premise of a Utopic Earth.  But whatever.  Still a great picture. 

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Pacific Rim Theme Song on Tesla Coils


I think if Tesla were around to see music played on coils, he’d be pumped as fuck.

2 tesla coils and a robot on drums.  A great summation of the film’s theme to pump me up.

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And yet, she still fights alongside her army.  That is both extremely stupid strategically, but also massively bad ass.  Like, they went over this in TNG.

But Zelda kicking large quantities of ass is always good.  Being Queen while doing this is even better.

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being gay is a sin?? um actually


bi = gay x straight

sin = straight / bi

the straights cancel

sin = 1/gay

times that by gay

gay(sin) = 0

gay = -sin

move the negative over

-gay = sin

so not being gay is a sin oops

idk what you just said but thanks nerd

Sorry, math’s a bit wrong on that one.

multiplying by gay gives you:

gay x sin = 1

expanding the equation gives you:

gay x (straight/bi) = 1

gay x (straight/(gay x straight)) = 1


(gay x straight)/(gay x straight) = 1


bi / bi = 1

Which is correct… and only proves that the math works this far… and we could simplify sin = gay ^-1… and is only for sin(gay)…

but that’s only if bi just happens to be gay x straight, which is just about impossible mathematically.  To take trigonometry to it’s logical level, (bi^2) = (gay^2) x (straight^2) - 2(gay)(straight)cos(bi), which leads us to:

bi = ((gay^2)/bi) x ((straight^2)/bi) - (2(gay)(straight)cos(bi))/bi)

and this leads us down a spiral from which we have no escape without angles or numbers.

Math will always be both more complex and strangely simpler than religion and sexual identification.

Yes, I know it was a fun little joke, but with knowing math, the proof was all wrong, and that bugged me.

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James, this is neither the time, nor the place!

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this is a very very important video. please watch this.

this is super important just to the internet as a whole

Even if you’ve got no clue who the hell Phil Fish is please watch this video

What a fucking crock of shit. 

Hey guys, want some easy steps to be famous the “right" way? It’s not quite as mysterious as this video would lead you to believe! Turns out they’re the same steps you’d take to be a decent human being! Be polite, be courteous, be humble, have a sense of humor. If anything, just try not to spout awful, hateful, flaming horseshit every time you open your mouth or hop onto a public social network! Y’know, just try to aim for at least ONE of those things. If you slip up and accidentally become an asshole, then realize the error of your asshole ways and try to apologize the best you can. If possible, try not to follow up that apology with but your country’s games are f*** terrible nowadays.”

Seriously guys. It’s no fucking mystery why people hate Phil Fish. He is constantly antagonistic, not just towards people who insult him. If you’re afraid that the internet hate machine might come after you for seemingly no reason like poor Phil Fish, maybe just…try being nicer? Maybe try not to constantly egg them on? I don’t know, it really confuses me as to why people would try so hard to defend Fish’s extraordinarily toxic behavior. But hey, surely none of those people would attack me for calling out this bullshit, right? Where does the line begin on when you can call someone out for being kind of a dick?

Quick retort, the video openly states that the video is not about Phil Fish, but about what saying “Phil Fish” means.  He’s just as bad as a lot of creatives when talking about his work, (Alfred Hitchcock referred to actors as dumb sheep on a few occasions, Andy Serkis takes all the credit for animation work his team does, Gene Hackman retired from acting because of Wes Anderson’s controlling nature during “The Royal Tenenbaums, ect.) he just has a larger presence on an interesting form of medium that doles out little punishment for quasi-anonymously insulting people.  And guess who said the exact same thing about the Japanese game industry a day after Fish did? Keiji Inafune, the father of Mega Man (  And as the video says, one is news worthy (aka well remembered) and the other isn’t.  Phil Fish is a jerk, but living in the internet age changes how public figures are seen, and subsequently, how they interact with the public.

On an unrelated note, hope your move goes well, and I hope to see more of Ashleigh and Matt.  Not together, because that wouldn’t work out, but just more of them in general.

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Motherfuckin’ Splatoon is happening. This game looks amazing and I’m super excited to play it. Here’s a bunch of info about it I pulled from the press site:

"Splatter enemies and claim your turf as the ink-spewing, squid-like
characters called Inklings in Nintendo’s new third-person action shooter
game for the Wii U console. Challenge your friends in chaotic four-on-four
matches, in which the goal is to get your ink on as many places as possible and claim your turf, all while strategically submerging yourself in your team’s colors and blasting your enemies. This is a colorful and chaotic online third-person action shooter – exclusively on Wii U.”

• Team up and take on other teams in an action-filled battle to cover the level with as much ink as possible. Spray walls to access hard-to-reach areas.
• Covering more territory with ink unlocks powered-up super weapons that can be used to attack rivals or cover more turf.
• Strategy is everything. Defeat enemies to splatter them in an explosion of ink, covering more turf for your team. But choose wisely: Players who only go after the enemy might find their turf redecorated in their enemies’ colors.
• Refill ink tanks, hide from opponents or move faster by turning into a squid and diving into the ink with the tap of a button.
• Select between multiple control options on the Wii U GamePad controller, including using gyroscopic controls to look around, allowing for better aiming and control.
• Hop online and battle in four-on-four matches.

After only two days, I am frothing at the mouth for this game. I may need this game sooner than it can come out.

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Okay, I’m reeeeaaaally hoping the new Smash Bros gets some DLC characters/stages, because I want a Splatoon squid-person in there.  I know there was no way they could have added in a character from a game that just got announced, so DLC Splatoon Squid. Please.  I don’t beg often.

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here is the qr code for the booty
have fun

Hah! You would.  I’m saving this for later.

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Hilarious teen magician

Seriously watch this, I laughed so hard.

This guy is like god took all the sarcasm in the world and condensed it into one person

oh my god i feel like my humor spleen just ruptured everywhere.

This guy, right here. *nudges knowingly*

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